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Spring has sprung, mes amis!

I declared it to be spring in Montréal on Thursday, the 17th. A few days premature, I know, but the sun was shining, the sky was blue, and the mercury was above zero. The sunshine and blue skies have continued, steadily, since. Fantastique.

Today, rejoice!, by the time I awoke the mercury had crept past the forecasted high. I even woke momentarily at 5:38 to notice the pinks in eastern sky. Double fantastique!

The result, bien sur, is that the weather has dictated my day, forcing me to diverge from my plans. On the schedule was a day of solid paper writing, studying, reading, and more paper writing. But instead, oh the shock!, I went outside for a jog. Me. A jog. Hours later, I’m still as surprised as you are, freshly reading this surprising twist. I am très content to report that I went for said jog in a t-shirt and shorts, and was sufficiently warm. Sure, I got stares, but those were probably more a result of shocked Montréalers seeing me jogging than for my attire. Upon returning home, I pulled upon the drapes and curtains, opened the windows and sliding glass-door, to welcome the sunshine in. I then spent a wonderful two hours doing a very thorough Spring! cleaning.

Now, with le soleil lowering in the sky, I will try to bunker down, do the work I brushed aside all day. It’ll be worth working late into the night for this sunshiny day.

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