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Exodus Ministries and Bush?!

To quote a friend:

I am listening to a press conference as I sit here, where Bush is introducing Harriet Miers, his choice to fill O’Connor’s spot on the court. Amongst her many affiliations*, Bush listed “exodus ministries”. Now, if that’s the exodus ministries I am familliar with, the Democrats in the Senate had better put up one HELL OF A BATTLE. Because SON OF A BITCH.


*Harriet has also earned a reputation for her deep compassion and abiding sense of duty. … Harriet Miers has given generously of her time and talent by serving as a leader with more than a dozen community groups and charities, including the Young Women’s Christian Association, Child Care Dallas, Goodwill Industries, Exodus Ministries, Meals on Wheels and the Legal Aid Society.

Attention Americans. DO SOMETHING. First Roberts got in, which was scary enough, now Miers? Bush has a long record of appointing people and “hoping for the best” but not thinking things through.



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