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Latkah Open House! (And you're invited.)

This Wednesday, December 7th, I will spend the day labouring in the kitchen, grating my knuckles, instead of writing papers and studying.

The result will be delicious latkahs for all to enjoy.

This year, my latkah shindig is being shared with Kolot Rabbim as their Chanukah festivity. Here’s the email that went out to those folks, to give you an idea of what to expect:

Come join us as KR usurps Benjamin’s Chanukah tradition: the Annual Latkah Open House. An excuse to leave the McGill Ghetto (perhaps for the first time this semester?), take a break from studying and paper-writing (BYOB!), and stuff yourself silly with latkahs (and see how many people we can stuff into Benjamin’s small apartment). The latka-thon begins at 6 p.m.If anyone wants to donate their knuckle skin to the latkah-making process (but please, no knuckle skin in the latkas), please email Benjamin.

You don’t have to be Jewish, you don’t have to use it as a study break excuse… But you do need to come!

(Email me for my address if you don’t know it.)

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