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Procrastinating – bocher style

The post in which I can finally appropriately use my Justin usericon.

So, in the spirit of great procrastinators, I decided to fire up the ol’ newsreader, a lonely application that I have been ignoring since the paper-writing panic set in a week or two back.

Buried in the links of a blog I read, I found out about The Chevra, a yeshiva bocher boy band. (No, I’m not kidding.) Their sound is reminiscent of The Party Posse. (The boy band formed on the Simpsons, in a parody of N Sync, whose members included Bart, Milhouse, Nelson, and Ralph. In other words, overly synthesised, harmonised, and produced.)

Then, to add to the joy, I find that some bored yeshiva bochers on vacation made a fake music video for the Chevra’s song “Lecha” (complete with lip-syncing, cheerleading, and breakdancing).

If your thoughts are on par with mine, you will watch and listen, then decide that yeshivas are the gayest places on earth. And, as such, you should become bal tshuva, join a yeshiva, and find a husband. Or at least have a good time. *nudge nudge wink wink* (And, failing that, at least you can have a satisfying platonic love life, as this video demonstrates.)


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