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So way back when (er, late-January?) I saw sparkymonster‘s post suggesting that we try 50 new recipes this year, and post them online. A fantastic idea. Except I seldom, if ever, follow recipes… So all measurements are totally made up. If offered at all. You’ve been warned.

“Craving Italian Food… Or maybe leftovers?”

In your dutch over (or casserole dish with aluminium foil “lid”), empty the contents of a large can of whole tomatoes. (Two cans if your dish is really large, like mine.)

Throw in chopped onion, and whatever other vegetables you’re craving. (I threw in broccoli, florets and stalk, in mouthful-sized pieces; mushrooms, halved; red peppers, thickly sliced.)

Toss in *uncooked* rice, an equivalent amount to the liquid from the canned tomatoes.

Season. My seasoning, since I was really going for an Italian, but “tastes like yummy leftovers” thang, included: chopped garlic, garlic powder, dried onion, basil, lemon peel, paprika, fennel, oregano, black pepper, ginger, thyme, salt, and lemon oil.

Cover, bake at 300ºF until you start smelling the yumminess. (About 20 minutes.) At this point, add more water if you think the rice needs it.

Also, optionally, stir in chevre. (This bakes and melts and gives the dish a risotto texture.)

Bake for another 20 minutes.

Yum! And super easy. And also super easy to take for lunches all week.

Faux-Asian Orange Tofu

Slice block of extra-firm tofu – about 1cm thick. Lay in the bottom of a large baking pan, with sides. Do not overlap.

Squeeze oranges to make juice. (Or use orange juice. – But I had oranges that were on the cusp of post-ripe that had to be used up.) Pour juice over the tofu. Let marinade overnight (or at least a few hours).

Sautée red onion, snow peas, almond slices until softened slightly. Throw in some sesame oil for the last minute. Put aside.

Sautée the tofu (sans juice). The tofu will brown from the sugars in the orange juice, but it’s not actually “burnt.”

Serve the tofu with the snow peas mixture. (You could add a sauce, but the tofu seriously takes on the orange flavour, so I didn’t find it necessary.)


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