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I was biking home, still trying to figure out my plans for Shabbat dinner, a day or two of messaging with S was going nowhere, when I heard “Benjiiiii!” I looked, and there was R, pedalling to catch up with me. We ended up having a quiet, casual, summer Shabbat chez moi. I don’t often host Shabbat dinners as my place is small and there are usually many of us together, but for two of us it worked.

braidingchallah.jpg We said the chamotzi over challah we had baked together late Wednesday night.

I made a simple spinach salad with green mangoes and grape tomatoes, with a little bit of balsamic as dressing. In the centre sat a cold pesto pasta salad. I used egg noodles as I wanted the noodles just to be a vehicle for the pesto, not to add flavour. IMG_5124.JPGThe pesto was quite simple to make, and I changed my standard method somewhat: basil, parsley, pine nuts, olive oil, chevre, salt and pepper in the food processor. Rachel told me it was the best pesto she’d ever had. And we had corn which, despite how early it is in the season, was actually pretty good. I simply broiled it with some olive oil, salt and pepper.

IMG_5126.JPG To drink I made us margarita-esque smoothies. In the blender I mixed up a cup of frozen strawberries, 4 oz white rum, and 2 oz peach schnapps. It was a little too thick for my blender, so I also added a bit of Bolthouse Farms’ berry blast smoothie. It turned out to be way too strong for R, so hers went back in the blender with more strawberries and more smoothie until she could drink it happily. She especially enjoyed the few whole strawberries I threw in.

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