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Pedometre! Photos! Ptouring!

Today I played tour guide, again, for Ann and Mickie, friends who are visiting from NY, on vacation celebrating their wedding anniversary.

IMG_5132.JPGToday’s tour involved a lot of walking. I mean, a lot. Maybe it just felt like a lot because it was so hot. And because I was in sandals. Or maybe it was because they’re not big walkers so they were complaining a bit, and walking fairly slow… Either way, We walked. A lot.

In the morning, I swung by their B&B and took them up the Plateau, over to Mont-Royal to see the tamtams. Then up to that clearing to see the sword fighters. The around the hill for a bit before heading down to Parc to walk up to Mile End. Then through Outremont, into Snowdon (I guess, I’m not sure which neighbourhood that is, just west of Outremont). They took the metro back to the B&B from Plamandon, and I kept walking up to Namur. The total that I walked was 11.2311km.

I then took the metro to their B&B so we could head onto the next adventure.We went to Ile Sainte-Hélène, parc Jean Drapeau, for piknic electronik. We were a little too tired to dance at what was essentially an outdoor daytime rave, so we made it our mission to take photos of all the ultra-low waistlines and exposed g-strings, underwear, bras, etc. It was surprisingly fun. We then headed to the Biosphere so they could see it, but it was closed. We headed to the ferry, hoping to go across to the old city, but we a) got kinda lost by taking a wrong turn on this tiny trail in the woods and b) missed the last sailing by a good 1.5 hours. So we took the metro back to town. That island walk around was about 3km.
We took the metro further than need be and walked some more while hunting for dinner. Another 2km, I’m guessing. So my total walking today was 16.2185km. I feel quite good about that.

Also, random photos from today are here.


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