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Tu b'Av

Hello from the ‘tute!

Today is Tu b’Av: I can hear the rejoicing of the klezmer jam wafting in through my dorm-room window: the moon is full and bright; I laid in the dewy grass and watched the stars, some of which were amazingly orange. The only thing missing is love…

The ‘tute is off to a running start. After my overnight travels, and long wait at the airport, I finally arrived at Franklin Pierce College just in time to rush to my Everett fellow orientation session. Then to the “new and newer” orientation, then to the opening program… By which point I was feeling nauseous, with a killer headache, due to exhaustion. So I went to bed. At 6:30pm. And slept ’til morning. (With the exception of waking when my roommate returned from the night’s programming, to have a nice chat.)

I’m so used to dovening on my own each morning, that I completely forgot about community. I put on my tefillin, in my room, and prayed this morning. Then had breakfast, walked through the woods a bit, and made my way to Shacharit (morning) services… where my fellow congregants were donning tefillin and tallitim. Oops. (Though, really, it can’t be an “oops” if you over-pray.)

It’s nice to be in a group of people, whether the fellow Everetts, the folks in my classes or workshops, or the people at the ‘tute in general, who are struggling with the concept of finding/creating/having a Jewish community and the concept/actuality/practice of meaningful prayer. They’re also all really pro-Hebrew College, which is encouraging since I’m accustom to giving an explanation of what it is, what “transdenominational” means, etc.

So this update might be more for me than for you, and for that I apologise.

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