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Pedal harrrrd

I biked to work this morning. I pit-stopped at the bookstore to get two more textbooks for school. Which, you know, was smart thinking given that I’ll now be lugging them around all day, whilst biking. The point of biking was so that I could run a particular errand at work today. Biking from the office to the errand would be far more convenient than walking or taking a couple buses. Unfortunately, I arrived at the office to find an email asking me to do it tomorrow instead.

Since my declaration to bike 10 km/day x 3 days/week, I’ve biked a total of 685km. So that’s 685km in 6 weeks (as I was out of town for two weeks, sans vélo), or 114.1666km/week on my low-ride cruiser. Far surpassed my goal!

And yet, I’m still sweating profusely, breathing far too hard, and giving pep talks to my heart (you can do it! pump that blood! don’t stop!).

(And, though it wasn’t a goal, I’ve also walked almost as far: 667km in the same time frame. Again, I didn’t count any walking while on vacation. Nor do I count little walks, like going to the store, or walking to/from the metro/bus.)


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