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Building an Urban Sukkah

What happens when my day’s “nutrition” consists almost entirely of coffee, coffee, and more coffee? I find myself outside, at 3:20am, measuring my balcony.

Quick sketch - can you tell I was bored?I live on the second floor of a three-story apartment building. As a result, my balcony has a “roof” – the balcony belonging to the folks above me. And by “balcony” I mean “glorified fire escape with a concrete floor.” Luckily, I’m the end suite, so my sukkah (a temporary dwelling place – hut – built for the festival of Sukkot) won’t prevent my neighbours from escaping in the event of a fire or, worse, getting to the garbage and recycling bins.

The biblical blueprints call for a roof through which you can see the stars. In order to construct it properly, I’m going to angle the roof so that I’ll be able to see the stars, instead of looking up at the concrete overhead. I plan on buying materials tomorrow, and building it tomorrow night.

Materials needed:

  • Two 2.5m dowels
  • One tarp, at least 5.5×2.5m
  • heavy duty twine
  • branches, leaves
  • decorations (cheap/free, since they might get stolen – so gourds, leaves, etc)

If anyone would like to help build or decorate it one evening this week, please let me know. Otherwise, if anyone would like to come have Shabbat dinner in the sukkah with me, to fulfill the mitzvot of shaking the lulav and etrog and dwelling (sitting and eating) in the sukkah, please let me know.

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