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Limmud 2007!

The time is nigh to register for Limmud. I went last year and was amazed by the diversity of the folks in attendance as well as the workshops offered throughout the weekend. Frum Jews, secular Jews, Jews by choice, non-Jews… Yoga, Talmud study, singing and dancing, pluralism, Kabbalah, Islams and Jews….

I highly encourage any and all of you to register. (If you’re a full-time student, there’s a scholarship you can apply for along with your registration; if you live or work in NY you can also apply for financial aid. Last year I was awarded a student fellowship which made the long weekend conference more fiscally attainable.)

I’ll be going again this year, and will be driving down from Montreal for the weekend. Join me for the ride!

I also want to present a workshop, but I’m having a hard time choosing a topic. Any suggestions? The deadline to submit a workshop proposal is Friday. Eep.


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