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I’m about to sit down to Christmas dinner with my family – father, step-mother, and brother. It still feels weird to be doing Christmas, but such is life when one’s step-mother isn’t Jewish. And it’s mostly about the food anyway… Her tradition is to have goose on Christmas. And this year I cooked it, along with the side dishes, from recipes my parents picked out from The Book of Jewish Food: An Odyssey from Samarkand to New York. Roast goose with apples (apples feature Berentzen’s Apfel Korn), mashed potatoes, carrots, and surrkol (a Norwegian red cabbage dish, not from this cookbook but from my step-mother’s family). And I’m happily drinking more Apfel Korn with gingerale – tasty!

Hope those of you who celebrate Christmas have/had a good one.

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