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Moishe Pumpkin

The update to last night’s post is that Moishe and Thomas, the alpha male, ended the trip by being playful and friendly. Pumpkin (my parent’s Pumpkin) and my Moishe Pumpkin also became friends when their Pumpkin taught my Pumpkin how to play her favourite hide-and-seek game.

So for a brief moment I thought I might leave Moishe Pumpkin there – he was settled, happy, and wouldn’t be subjected to the long flight back to Montreal and then another long flight back to Seattle in the spring. But I quickly shook that thought as I realised I’d miss him far too much.

Then, last night around 2am, he got sick. Throwing up (which he’s only once done before) was the least of his problems. Really, really sick. I stayed up with him all night, trying to soothe him (and clean up the carpet), but he just wasn’t happy. Around 5:30am, Deb did reiki on him to calm him for flying, and we decided he’d be good enough to fly. I didn’t give him his sedating medications though, as I didn’t want to risk making him any sicker.

Then, in the limo out to the airport, his breathing became laboured. Deb continued reiki on him (it was her company limo service, she was flying to California for business), but, though it calmed him, he wasn’t getting any better.

Deb decided to change her flight to tonight or tomorrow morning, dropped me at the airport, and turned around to go back home. She’s taking him to the veterinary hospital.

I’m really sad about this – I already miss the little brat. And I’m worried about him, but I know her vet is amazing, as I’ve seen how he’s treated Molly (their third cat). It’s going to be weird going back to a cat-free apartment :(


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