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Moishe's Update

He’s at the vet’s, with a high fever. The puking and other sickness is due to an obstruction, which the vet thinks is in Moishe Pumpkin’s bowel. They’re trying laxatives, but if that fails he’ll need surgery tomorrow.

But that doesn’t explain the respiratory problems. They think he might also have a virus, so he’s being closely observed (as if obstruction + fever didn’t warrant enough observation) for the next 24 hours. He’s staying at the veterinary hospital until further notice.

ACK. My baby! I feel so helpless being away from him. I want to be cuddling him, tickling behind his ears, and promising him many frolics in the bathtub if he’s a good kitty and gets better ASAP. I’m really glad I didn’t fly with him today… Poor li’l guy!


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