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Latkah wrap-up

The Numbers:
17 people, one half LJ’d
12 pounds potatoes
5 pounds sweet potatoes
5 pounds carrots
5 dips/sauces
4 bottles of wine
3 drinks spilled
2 pounds apples
2 frying pans
1.5 litres canola oil
1 sink, twice plunged

Varieties of latkahs served up:
“Regular” potato
Potato with tonnes of fresh dill (by request for nevergirl)
Sweet potato with roasted garlic
Carrot with ginger
Potato, apple, and cinnamon
Potato, sweet potato, and nutmeg

Dips [all vegan except for the one obvious exception]:
Maple balsamic
Citrus chive (caution: you still have garlic breath, 24 hours later)
Roasted garlic balsamic
Apple sauce
Sour cream

I forgot to takes photos throughout the night, so these photos must suffice, though they do not do justice to the yumminess of the latkahs cooked up.


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