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Limmud @ Friar Tuck

Prior to registering for this year’s Limmud NY, I hadn’t realised that there was a town of Catskill, NY – I always thought of the Catskills as a region only. ut, lo!, I drove the four hours, with one_in_progress, through the mountains to arrive at the Friar Tuck. I assumed it would be a similar venue to last year’s Kusher’s, full of kitsch and a bygone era of Jewish families vacationing for the summer. Instead, my first sight was that of a brick building with a castle-esque motif. It didn’t stop there though, as I wandered the maze-like hallways, I found the interior design to be eclectic and eccentric. And the rooms! With names like “Buckingham Palace,” “Camelot,” “Scarlet,” and “Sherwood,” I felt like their ought to be men in tights (but probably not as Mel Brooks envisioned) strumming lutes and prancing about. It seemed only fitting that those of you who were unable to join us in the learning, laughter, conversations, and great food, not only read about those aspects of LimmudNY but the setting as well. And so, for the second year in a row, we present the photos of Limmud – not of the people, but of the facility itself.

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