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Crossing the border

As you’ve already learned, one_in_progress and I drove down to Catskill, NY for the LimmudNY conference. But this post isn’t about that.

Instead, this post is about crossing the border from Quebec into NY on Friday morning. It was building up to be a tough cross – our lane was moving quite slowly as we waited for the border guard to wave up the next car in line. I wondered if the thoroughness of the inspection of drivers, passengers, and cars was due to the Athens bombing. Then a random girl decided she’d just walk across the border and cut in front of all of the cars. That alone probably took another 10 minutes for the confusion to settle and the next car to get called up. Eventually, it was our turn.

We were asked a couple standard questions – where we lived, what our citizenships were, and where we were going. When he asked why we were going there, I explained for a conference on Jewish learning. At which point our interrogation became interesting. Our border guard wanted to know what types of things we hoped to learn. Not wanting to get too caught up in things with him, I just said “text learning.” To which he asked, “What are your thoughts on the book of Daniel?”

I hate to admit it, but my first thoughts were of that teevee show that was cancelled last year. I looked at OIP, she looked at me, and I think both of us were drawing mostly blanks. A couple half-formed responses to the border guard weren’t sufficient; he launched into it.

I can’t remember how his sermon started, but here were the sticking points:

  • Christians love the Jews.
  • The Jews were exiled to Babylon, and Babylon is now Iraq.
  • Because Bush is a Good Christian, he loves the Jews, so has gone to Babylon to protect us.
  • G!d bless Bush.

Yes, that’s right, the Iraq war is a Christian war fought to protect the Jews. …So WMD must be a code for Witnesses of Moral Deliverance. The Christian Soldiers went to Iraq to find any remaining Jews. Or something.

We drove away amazed, laughing, and more than a little surprised.


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