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Jews, Muslims: Unfair

Before I left home this morning, I heard a story on CBC which angered me. Employees at a French school in Montreal are claiming it’s “unfair” that their Jewish and Muslim colleagues get paid days off for religious holidays. This school is circulating a petition, and have already taken their issue to the Commission Scolaire de Montréal.

One of the teachers interviewed seemed particularly annoyed by his colleagues, saying “I don’t think they’re even real holidays that they’re taking off – not all of the Jews take the same day off!” [My translation, my paraphrasing.] In other words, no understanding that there are, or could be, different levels of observance amongst Jews or Muslims.

And no recognition that the school year is biased towards Christians: they get paid days off for Easter, as it’s a statutory holiday (Good Friday is statutory, good Monday is given off, with pay, as well due to long standing union agreements), and for Christmas (heck, there’s 2 weeks of for that one).

When I was in a union, in social services, my collective agreement stipulated that I could take off my religious holidays, paid, in lieu of the standard Christian-come-statutory holidays. So I could take Yom Kippur off and work on Christmas instead; or take the first two days of Passover off, and work the Easter long weekend. I understand that these swaps cannot be made in the school setting, due to the structure of the year, and the long standing Christian influence. But whining because your coworker took a day off to fast and go to synagogue? Ridiculous.


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