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Do you 'tute?

IMG_5365.JPGWho’s going to the NHC’s Summer Institute this year?

Last year was great fun, with amazing people, classes, workshops, learning, and dancing. And this year’s workshops and classes [pdf] look just as wonderful! If you’re reading this, you should consider applying to go. Especially if you’re Jewish. ;)

IMG_5405.JPGAnd if the price is a little beyond your grasp, there’s an Everett Fellowship program “for young adults who have demonstrated their potential to be advocates for Jewish causes and who are actively engaged in defining their post-college participation in the Jewish community. Fellows participate in the full Institute programming and in daily workshops designed specifically for them. They receive a scholarship for tuition, room, and board, and are expected to pay for registration and dues.” I was an Everett last year, and highly recommend it as a way to get to the ‘tute.

Hope to see you in Rindge, NH, August 6-12!

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