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When I shop for food, I prefer to buy locally grown produce. Failing that, I try to go for organic produce from a slightly larger radial distance. (Organic and local is even better.) If at all possible, I try to avoid buying produce from other continents (where Mexico and Hawaii are included in “other continents”). This is a difficult accomplishment in Montreal, especially in the winter; there are only so many root vegetables I can eat before I crave veggies with brighter colours. (Thankfully, spring and spring produce are just around the corner. Spinach, asparagus, and snap peas, oh my!)

I also prefer to only have food in the fridge that I will be using within a few days (condiments notwithstanding). I feel I eat more healthily, and shop more sparingly and conscientiously, if I only buy enough for for a few days at a time.

The result of these practices can be, however, slightly alarming to house guests. This week, between being sick and stressing over school, I didn’t have time to do my usual shopping. And, as I said above, I prefer to buy only enough food to last a few days. So, quite literally, my fridge is empty. A friend, who stopped by to borrow some books, helped herself to my fridge in hopes of finding juice. She was quite alarmed to see the contents of my fridge: a brita filter, condiments, and three shelves of emptiness. I see it as a sign of success – that I haven’t purchased any food that’s so overly processed, additive-laden, or synthetic that it could last.

Sometimes a bare fridge is a very good sign.


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