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Green News

There’s some great news coming forth today: A town in Manitoba has banned plastic shopping bags, citing environmental concerns; with some mixed reviews, Ville-Marie is introducing recycling bags to replace the green recycling bins, with hopes that their ability to be closed off will prevent curbside recycling from becoming neighbourhood litter; the Sustainable Concordia Project is making headway (and Concordia gave Al Gore an honourary doctorate).

During a recent conversation about the merits of participating in CSAs and buying locally, I was asked, “Are we becoming ecoterrorists?” To which I replied that becoming ecologically and environmentally aware, making simple changes in our daily routines, shopping practices, and energy habits does not make us “terrorists.” And, though I might consider something like the No Impact Experiment, recently covered in the NYTimes, a little too extreme for myself, I think even little things, like the above mentioned news items, are great steps in the right direction.


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