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Summer in the City

Though summer seems to be on hiatus, there are still some heat savers that I’ve been enjoying, which I can share with you:

  • Instead of brewing your coffee every morning, then gulping down a cup of steaming joe, brew it the night before, put it in a jug in the fridge (bonus: add a drop of maple syrup as your sweetener) then drink it in the morning. Replenish the supply daily, so you’ll never run out.
  • Roasted veggies. Sure, if you don’t have a bbq/grill, you’ll make them in the oven, and that can be a little too warm sometimes, but you can set it at a low temperature, and let them do their thing for a long time while you seek refuge in a cooler corner of the apartment. Plus, yum!
  • Frozen fruit. Wash your berries, chop up your larger fruit, and throw it in the freezer in ziplock bags or tupperware. It’s a great snack when it’s just too hot ‘n’ humid to eat anything else. And, as a bonus, it’s the perfect basic ingredient for adult smoothies (frozen fruit, alcohol of choice, in a blender, yum).

Okay, so those tips are all kitchen-related. Other things I can recommend:

  • While it’s lovely to have a fan near your bed, it’s even nicer to have a spray bottle of water as well. That way, when you’re so-hot-you-can’t-fall-asleep, you spray the water at the fan – it mists back towards you and gives you a temporary reprieve from the heat.
  • Do housework, cleaning, and other chores that’ll make you sweat at night, or in the very early hours of the morn. You’re more likely to get them done if you’re not cursing the heat while you’re doing them.
  • Cold showers. On really hot and humid days, nothing helps like a freezing cold shower.
  • And don’t overestimate the power of the shade. Find a nice shady patch in your yard or in a nearby park, bring a bottle of water, a good book, and just relax. So very nice.

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