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The first leg…

The journey has begun. I’m sitting the the Zurich airport, waiting for my second flight to take me to Tel Aviv.

Leaving Montreal was surprisingly easy, which I think reflects the fact that Montreal was never really “home.” When I left Vancouver in June 2004, I had the last few weeks planned out with people I had to see, places I had to go, things I had to do. There were very emotional hugs goodbye, amazing going away presents from friends filled with inside jokes (unabridged edition, anyone?), toasts and cheers, and even some tears. Leaving Montreal, I had time to spare, days that I spent chilling and reading and being somewhat of a longer, as I didn’t really have more people to see. I had expected the days between the ‘tute and leaving to be filled with last minute running around, so I left them largely unplanned. No running around happened. While there are people that I will miss, there wasn’t any urgency to go to any place, cafe, park, one last time. Montreal served its purpose for me, and now I’ve moved on…

The flight from YUL to ZRH was uneventful, and largely pleasant, with one exception: those of us who ordered the kosher meals got sick. Seriously. It’s but a small miracle that the nausea didn’t win the battle as we were landing. And then hearing the MOOOs of electronic cows on the tram from one terminal to the other didn’t help the nausea accompanied headache. Do the Swiss really think tourists come here to see cows?!

And now I’m sitting, and waiting, wishing I hadn’t packed my tefillin and siddur in my checked suitcase, as there is a minyan of about 25-30 men davening shacharit in the lounge for the empty gate across the hall. I hear the occasional mumbled word drifting over… On this side of the hall, near my gate, there are a few women davening solo, tucked away in behind pillars, mostly out of sight. There’s also a really cute Israeli kid, maybe 2 years old, standing next to me pointing out the BIG PLANES as they land and taxi around. I’m just excited that I can understand some of what he’s saying…. Oh! And someone just blew the shofar (it’s Elul)! In the airport! In Zurich! Amaaaaazing!!

I’d like to give a big shout out to BZ, ER, Ruby-K, General Anna, Shamir Power and others I’m probably already forgetting (I blame the food poisoning) for helping me find somewhere to stay at the very last minute. You guys are amazing, I love you all, and I can’t wait to see you (some sooner than others!).


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