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It's almost Shabbat

Thanks to an amazing network of friends, I’m in Jerusalem, and housed. Major shout out to BZ, ER, EKO, BK, and others for helping me get this together at the last minute. You’re all amazing. Amaaaazing.

I spent the first night with EKO, walking around, eating yummy dinner with fresh herbs from her balcony garden, walking around some more, and then I slept. Loverly sleep. From the time I crashed, as soon as my head hit the pillow, at 11pm, until I woke at 3:30am. Wide awake. Wiiiide awake. So I watched cheesy videos on my laptop out on the balcony until the sun came up and EKO treated me to great coffee. Oh, and living upstairs from a bakery? Genius.

We went to the shuk so I could buy some basics (sheets, towel; produce)… I found it a little overwhelming: all the people in small spaces, shoving and grabbing and shouting. I’m going to go back to check it out more, but on a weekday, not the afternoon before Shabbat. Then I set myself up chez ER and BZ (who are in New York still so I have their amazing apartment to myself – such lucky generous craziness). To make myself feel more grounded and settled, I totally unpacked here. Sure, I’ll pack everything back up in a few days, but it still feels really comforting to have unpacked and even temporarily settled in.

After Shabbat I’ll be attacking my to do list: getting a cell phone, finding an apartment in Haifa, contacting my job lead in Haifa, and finding an ulpan to do before the main ulpan starts. Excellent.

Oh! And I’ve learned a few new words already. And did a bit of shopping without needing EKO to be my translator. Amazing!

So Shabbat Shalom from Jerusalem, y’all… I’ll write again soon.

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