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Hof Ha'Carmel – חוף הכרמל

This has been Haifa: walk up a hill, “no,” walk up a hill, “no,” walk down a hill, “no,” walk up another hill, “no”…

Earlier this week, I call a bunch of listings from rental sites, some of which I’d been eyeing for a while, some of which I had already talked with the landlord about. I told the that I’d be in Haifa Wednesday, and would like to see their apartments. They all told me “no problem” and to call one I was in Haifa to set up times to see their places on Wednesday afternoon/evening. Great. But, just as nothing else has gone according to plan here, why should this? So I got to Haifa and called all the landlords. Most said their places were no longer available. A few said to come see their places, only to tell me once I was there that they were taken. So I broadened my search, increased my budget, and made more calls. Nothing. Around midnight, a landlord called me back to say that the guy who had taken it had fallen through, and I could go see it then. At midnight. What about tomorrow? Doesn’t work for him. So at midnight I climbed another hill, got to the apartment and… it was taken. ARGH!!!!! This morning I called a few more places, the only ones I hadn’t yet called (due to their locations and/or price) and saw a couple more. One was so scary I didn’t want to go through the door. The other was nice, but expensive, and the landlords won’t consider anything shorter than a year’s lease, adn despite the ad saying it’s available immediately, they want to rent it for mid-October, October 1 at the earliest.

So now I’m sitting at Hof Ha’Carmel, one of the three train stations in Haifa, waiting to go south. The free wifi at the station might, sadly, be the highlight of this journey. That and the breeze that’s coming off the Mediterranean. With humidity this bad, it’s nice to have a breeze.

I think being in Haifa, doing ulpan here, and working here, through the winter, I’ll have a better chance to learn and use Hebrew than in Jerusalem. But I’m having a hard time not seeing the housing frustration as a sign that I ought to just stay in Jerusalem, do ulpan there, stay where my friends are, and try to find work there instead.


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