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Images of Elul

With so much to report on – the possible war with Syria, the peace talks, proposed changes to the law of return – or thoughts to share – on t’shuva, slichot, and payot – I’m feeling a little overwhelmed, and cloudy-brained. So while I clear my head and try to jot down my thoughts in a comprehensive manner, I’ll offer up some photos.



IMG_6329.JPG IMG_6343.JPG IMG_6344.JPG
IMG_6346.JPG IMG_6345.JPG IMG_6365.JPGMehane Yehuda (the shuk – outdoor market):
IMG_6359.JPG IMG_6358.JPG IMG_6356.JPG
IMG_6352.JPG IMG_6361.JPG IMG_6360.JPG
IMG_6355.JPG IMG_6354.JPG IMG_6363.JPGShakshuka!
IMG_6349.JPG IMG_6348.JPG IMG_6347.JPG


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