Tradescantia Zebrina .:. The Wandering Jew


tales and opinions of the wandering Jew

Other tidbits

A few other things to keep you appeased:

  • As BZ pointed out, שופרסל is pronounced “shufersal.” It would make more sense for it to be “supersal” or even “shopper-sal”. But no. My theory is that the owners were drunk when ordering their first million business cards, confused the “p” with the “f” (it’s the same letter in Hebrew, just pronounced differently – pey or fey), and realised they were stuck with the “f.”
  • I was rammed with a dead cow. I had dead cow on my leg.
  • I think the thing that I killed in the bedroom was a scorpion.
  • It’s hard to convince the pizza guy to put more than one topping on your pizza.

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