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Oh, crap.

Israel declared the Gaza Strip an “enemy entity” and prepared to impose economic sanctions on the territory.

Convening Wednesday to decide on a response to Palestinian rocket fire from Gaza, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert’s Security Cabinet voted unanimously to brand the territory, which has been under full Hamas rule since June, an “enemy entity”.

The designation could allow Israel to argue that it owes Gazans no support in terms of allowing movement of goods and people across the shared border.

The Security Cabinet further agreed to restrict imports to Gaza as well as Israeli supplies of fuel and electricity, though implementation of the sanctions was delayed pending consulations with experts on humanitarian law.

Hamas, which has either ignored or abetted the rocket salvoes, denounced the Israeli decision as a “declaration of war”.
From JTA

Crap. Also, oh #%*$!! Who the heck thought it would be a good idea to declare the Gaza an “enemy entity”?! Who the heck thought this wouldn’t escalate and/or be seen by Hamas as a “declaration of war”?

The BBC’s article on the same new piece claims that

“Additional restrictions will be imposed on the Hamas regime, limiting the transfer of goods to the Gaza Strip, cutting back fuel and electricity, and restricting the movement of people to and from the strip,” [an Israeli statement form the Prime Minister’s office] said.The sanctions will be implemented “following a legal review” to examine the legal and humanitarian consequences, the statement added.

Israeli officials reportedly hope the new measures will put pressure on Hamas, which ousted its rivals Fatah to seize control of Gaza in June, to halt rocket attacks on southern Israel.

Ok, so it they actually follow through with this study, and realise that, for example, cutting off the water supply to the Gaza is inhumane and would have serious consequences, they’re not going to impose sanctions? Does anyone actually believe that? (Oh look, a flying pig!) And even if the Israeli government kept its word, would Hamas be willing to appreciate the lack of sanctions and not increase their warfare against Israel?

This does not bode well.

Hamas and Syria and Iran, oh my!


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