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Christmas in Israel!

It’s that magical time of the year, yeledim, when we trim the trees and assemble the 3.5 walls. Yes, it’s Sukkot (almost; Wednesday at sunset). Here in Israel, Sukkot has taken on a look that, weere it North America, would most aptly be described as Christmas.

Lights and ornaments have been strung, a five pointed tinsel-y foil star thing has been hung (which the wait-staff at Coffee Shop have called מסלטו (“mis-EL-toe”) as they wave towards Robin and I, then point to its location near us), and poles have been wrapped in tinsel. It’s craziness.

But we’ve got to ask, was Sukkot always the Christmasy holiday here in Israel? And if so, are presents given? (Who would bring those presents? Sukkah stork? Booth Bunny? Farmer fairy?) Instead of leaving milk and cookies out for Santa, does the stork/bunny/fairy eat the fruit and veggies hanging from the walls and roof of the sukkah? Do little Israeli children dream of dried figs instead of sugar plums? What are the Sukkot carols? O Sukkah Hut, The Seven Species of Sukkot, Harv’sting in a Desert Wonderland?

Please note: at this point in the blog writing, a mere 30 minutes since we arrived for coffee and breakfast, the Coffee Shop has completely been transformed from regular building to sukkah. (Says Robin, “We’ve been sukkahed.”) The roof has been retracted, revealing bamboo mats covering the roof (through which, were it night, we could see the stars), the decorations are up, and it looks like they’re hanging up sheets to make new temporary walls too (possibly to make multiple smaller sukkot inside). AMAZING.)

Once we leave, Robin will be joining me at my apartment to help me put up my own sukkah. Maybe we’ll have to go find a dollar store and buy our own Christmas Sukkot decorations too.

A merry Sukkot to all, and to all, a good night.


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