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Meanwhile, back in Vancouver…

The biggest, hugest, greatest, huggiest, most amazingest congratulations to Gwen Haworth, aka artflick, on the success of her film, “She’s A Boy I Knew.” I had the privilege of watching an early edit of the documentary and it blew me away. Now, the audiences at the Vancouver International Film Festival have seen it (in sold out screenings!) and named it People’s Choice Award for Most Popular Canadian Film. But that’s not all! Gwen also walked away with the Women in Film & Television Vancouver Artistic Merit Award.

If her film comes to a city (or film festival) near you, I highly recommend seeing it.

The press, and public, agree:

And, because I think this was an excellent find, googling the news of Gwen’s film:

Again, huge congratulations to Gwen. (And remember: I will be your bekilted date to Canne or Sundance, so long as we don’t have to get there by scooter.)


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