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It tastes like Vancouver

Another great thing about living (and eating) in Israel? The availability of hecshered (kosher) Asian food. And for cheap! Which means I’m able to enjoy one of my favourite make-in-advance and enjoy as a snack or meal foods: sushi salad.

Super simple: prepare sushi rice with sushi-zu (a mixture of rice vinegar, sugar, and salt), then let it chill in the fridge. Also rehydrate and marinate shiitake mushrooms, julienne your oshinko, and julienne some tofu and fry it with sesame oil. In North America, I usually also have tuna or fake crab with it, and avocado too, but it’s not avocado season in Israel, and the store was out of fake crab. When it’s time to eat, put a portion of rice in a bowl, load on some toppings, garnish with some pickled ginger, et voila, sushi salad (or, sushi in a bowl). Delicious and cheap.

The oshinko costs $2CDN, the giant bag of shiitake was $2CDN as well, the huge block of tofu was $3CDN, and the rice vinegar and soy sauce were cheaper than anything kosher I could find in Montreal. Amazing. A taste of Vancouver in Israel.

Thanks to EAR for turning me on to the Asian market on Agripas, near the shuk.

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