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It had so much potential

Tonight was the annual Carlebach memorial concert (tomorrow’s the yartzeit of rabbi Shlomo Carlebach). The concert was huge: big venue, big name musicians, big honouree who happened to be the songwriter the big name musicians were paying homage to… And yet, it wasn’t any good. The sound tech needed to up the microphones for all of the singers, but never did; the bass player spent most of the 2.5 hours for which we stayed (we left before it ended) gesturing wildly, through mime, that the [insert instrument/singer here] needed their mic turned up. The spotlight usually stayed on one guy, even if he wasn’t the one singing. The smoke machine (also, smoke machine, wtf?) was going full blast before the concert even started, and didn’t give up at all. The musicians sounded unrehearsed. And the one time that 4 guys from 4 different groups came out to sing together, they attempted 4-part harmony which, unfortunately, included the long lost flat note of Babylon (my ears still hurt).

There was no reason for this concert to be a let down. (The sole highlight: the crazy dancing dude on stage for 4 songs. Specifically, the crouch-down/jump-and-spin/kick move he did twice.)

On a slightly related note, I wonder what part of the yeshiva culture instills in the bochurs the concept that they have the right to resume a song, at a concert, after the musicians on stage have finished (and are trying to talk, or the emcee is now trying to introduce the next group). It happened tonight, and I’ve seen it before, where a bunch of guys from the yeshiva (I’m assuming, based on their dress, style of dancing, etc) keep on fervently singing the same one-line of the song, ignoring what’s happening on stage, and, possibly, intentionally doing so. Why do they think that’s appropriate?


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