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Singing and Dancing Yids

Has anyone else seen the television commercial for YES (an Israeli satellite station), wherein dozens of chareidi guys dance down the street to YMCA? I saw it on tv the other day, and thought it was great. Surprise, surprise, the chareidis aren’t impressed. (I especially enjoy the English sung with heavy Yiddish accents, and the line “it’s against the Torah!” being used as a selling point.)

And, I know I’m late with this review, but The Ten was sooo bad. And yet, I kept watching until the end. I’m not sure what was worse: seeing Winona Ryder sexing a ventriloquist dummy, the never ending anal rape scenes, or Paul Rudd’s introductions (and “singing!”). Or maybe it was the constant stream of B- and C-rate actors, reminding me of their potential and talents that weren’t be met in this movie. So, so bad.


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