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Building up the Settlements.

If the goal is peace, and if Olmert has acknowledged a two-state solution, then how can the government/army possibly think that building 740 new homes in settlements is productive?

“It is Israel’s duty to provide its citizens with a place to live.”

I agree, citizens need to have homes. But why do these homes have to be in East Jerusalem or the West Bank? And does this declaration mean that Arab residents of Israel will have an easier time acquiring the documentation to build/renovate their homes too? After all, they’re also citizens in need of places to live.

“Har Homa is an integral part of Jerusalem and Israel will not stop building there,” Mr Eitan said on Israeli Army Radio on Sunday.

Har Homa is only “integral” to extending the city limits of Jerusalem as far south as Bethlehem, cutting Beit Safafa and Sur Baher off from Beit Jala and Bethlehem. This is imperialistic, nothing but.

Frustration abounds. Read more (or here or here).


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