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Where you'll find me August 11-17!

I highly recommend this week o’learning, in New Hampshire, with a few hundred great, smart, friendly, fun, fruity Jews. I went in 2006 as an Everett Fellow, again last years as a “returning Everett” and will be there this year as a teacher. A full list of courses/teachers has been posted for this summer’s National Havurah Committee‘s Summer Institute!



  • S. Bear Bergman (Poretsky Artist-In-Residence) – Storytelling, Diaspora, and Survival
  • Julia Appel – The Art and Spirit of Prayer Leading
  • Mitch Chanin – Controversy for the Sake of Heaven: Facilitating constructive dialogue across political differences about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and other controversial issues
  • Stephen Eisdorfer – Law and The Law
  • Shelly Fredman – The Soul’s Search for Meaning—Creating a Personal Theology
  • Bob Freedman – What Words Can Do!
  • Bob Goldenberg – What is oral about “Oral Torah”?
  • Matthew Goldfield – Infinity and God
  • Jill Jacobs and Guy Izhak Austrian – It Goes Without Saying: Power, Passivity, and Social Change
  • Eleni Litt – Line, Color, Form: The Shape of Torah and the Kabbalah of Color
  • Benjamin – Beyond the Binary: the “Other” Genders in the Mishna and Contemporary Judaism
  • Adele Reinhartz – Diversity and Rupture: The “Parting of the Ways” between Judaism and Christianity
  • Aviva Richman – The Vagina Monologues Meet the Talmud
  • Micha’el Rosenberg – Do We Mourn for the Dead, or for the Living? The Case of Suicide in Halacha

In addition, there are daily workshops, evening programs, amazing prayer options, a lake to swim or canoe or kayak in, hills and mountains to climb, good vegetarian food, music… and more!


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