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The S.H.I.T. List

Inspired by reading a friend’s blog post, I decided to see how many folks I knew (where “know” means more than just “recognize the name,” and includes having talked with them at minimum) on the S.H.I.T. List: “Self-Hating and/or Israel-Threatening”. But after my count reached into the double digits, and I still in the first few letters of the alphabet, I realised there wasn’t any point. (Fun fact: 12% of the 2006 Everett Fellows are on this list.)

I’m actually quite disappointed that the angry, hateful, venomous compiler of this list doesn’t include a description for why each name is included. I mean, really, give some reasons! Back up your accusations! This site is pure hatred, lashon ha’ra, attacking individuals for who they are, not for their opinions. (I might disagree with someone over their politics/opinions, but I’ll focus on what they said, not their appearance, sexuality, etc.) I love how whenever someone’s from California, it automatically makes them a “freak” and merits the comment “where else?!” or “go figure!” And that “social justice” apparently means “anti-Israel.” Love it. Oh, and all rabbis are demoted to alleged “rabbi”s if this site disagrees with them. Amazing. If you translate Arabic you’re a traitor, a “judenrat” [warning: link has sound] for being a feminist or politically left.

Names are added to the list for many reasons, but the most common seems to be for signing pro-peace petitions. Or being a queer Jew/ a Jewish queer. Here are a few typical entries (I’ve removed both names, but otherwise have not edited them):

Last, First “RABBI” This rabbi watches over the flock at Temple Beth-El of Great Neck Great Neck NY. His interests include inter-religious and same-sex activities. No, Rabbi Davidson has not married outside his religion nor has does he now wear lingerie from Victoria’s Secret. But he did recently bless the union of his assistant, Rabbi Karen Binder, and her lesbian lover. This has upset many people… but not us at for we are truly moderate and humanistic [can’t you tell?]

Last, First “RABBI” Dresses like an a-hole because he IS an a-hole! Hey, [Name], join the freakin’ circus already! [Name] is a leader of the Jewish Renewal Movement, a deviation from Judaism more extreme than even the apostate Reform and Reconstructionist movements.

Last, First Founder of Congregation Kol Ami, West Hollywood, CA, which serves a predominantly gay membership. Kol Ami holds discussions on spiritual issues affecting gay men, on the breast cancer incidence among Jewish lesbians, and once a month schedules an early Shabbat family service, to which some gay and lesbian congregants bring their children and others their parents. Rabbi Eger is a member of the Gay and Lesbian Rabbinic Network.

Last, First Support [sic]the IDF soldiers who refuse military service in the Judea-Samaria and Gaza and join with them in their call to end Israel’s occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

Last, FirstThis Takoma Park, Maryland chick is president of Jews for Peace in Palestine and Israel [JPPI]. She has stated that “we are protesting because over the past week, Israel has killed dozens of Palestinians, including non-violent, unarmed protestors, razed more than one hundred homes, and left thousands homeless. Jews of conscience simply cannot remain silent while the Israeli army commits these atrocities.” Hey, just because you’re one sexy-looking hick, we mean chick, doesn’t give you the right to side with Israel’s enemies! Miss [Name] is also a supporter of Brit Tzedek. No surprise here.

Last, First This Oakland, CA, lesbian describes herself as “I’m a 33 year old, poly-queer femme mama.” We simply call her a sick dyke. In any case, “p.-q. f .mama” signed a one-sided petition for “U.S. Jewish Solidarity with Muslim and Arab Peoples of the Middle East”… which was nothing less than a full-fledged “mugging” of Israel!

Respectful, isn’t it?

The petition that the Oakland woman (and many of the 7000+ others on the list) signed called for the following five points:

  • Require Israel to stop its brutal siege on Gaza and on Lebanon and call for an unconditional cease fire.
  • Require Israel to stop the expansion of the Israeli Wall of Separation, dismantle the completed sections, and completely withdraw from Gaza, the West Bank and East Jerusalem.
  • Support the United Nations resolutions demanding that Israel uphold international law and support the sanctions against Israel necessary to enforce these resolutions.
  • End military and economic aid to Israel.
  • Support reparations for the Palestinian and Lebanese people for the death and destruction they have suffered and for aid towards the rebuilding of their countries.

That’s hardly a “horrible” thing to ask, nor is it akin to “mugging” Israel. Why shouldn’t Israel uphold international laws? Why should the US financially support militarization, war, and oppression of a people? This site is run by people who believe that any peace treaty would be “meaningless,” that “peace is impossible,” who conflate Muslims and Arabs, and seem to think there are only two polar opposite positions to take when it comes to Israel. Lovely.


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