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I’ve taken a few photos, but I’ll go out later and take more.

Last night, the temperature dropped about 8ºC down to 0ºC. The winds were impressively strong, breaking limbs off a few trees in the area. Around 2am, the snow actually started to stick in my neighbourhood. 5 hours later, about 5cm of snow had accumulated (and it’s still coming down!). It’s fluffy, wet snow; large flakes. And because the temperature is still hovering around 0-1ºC, there’s a lot of water everywhere; some seeped into the apartment from the mirpesset. The temperature is expected to drop, which means there’ll be ice everywhere.

The result of 5cm is that Hebrew University is closed today. (MS and I were discussing this possibility yesterday, and realised that a missed day costs us about $50. What are the chances they’ll make up this day?) And if the snow continues, as is forecast, classes could be cancelled again tomorrow.

And, because this is so rare, both of my ulpan teachers spent time talking about it in class yesterday. They both said that it’s normal for Jerusalem to get snow once every year or two. And they stressed that snow meant that everyone stays home, there aren’t many vehicles on the roads, schools are cancelled, no one goes to work, the city basically shuts down. Oh, and one teacher said that to be a Jerusalemite meant staying home and eating soup when it snows.

ETA: Jerusalem is very Vancouver-esque in its attitude towards snow.


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