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Coming to a North America Near You!

The countdown has begun. Some of you know that I’m cutting this year in Israel short, for various reasons.

What this means to you: I’ll be in North America. And soon!

In just over two weeks, I’ll have finished ulpan, said goodbye to my chevrutahs, and left my shiurs. On February 26, I’ll be arriving at YUL. Shortly thereafter, I plan on getting to Pizza Pita for poutine. (Some people kiss the tarmac, after a long time away, I eat cheese curds.)

From my touch down in Montreal through early April, I’ll be visiting the east coast trinity – Montreal, New York, and Boston. (With a side trip to Portland.) After that, I’ll be spending April and May in a west coast ménage à trois: Seattle, Vancouver, and Victoria (with a possible side trip to Vernon and/or Kamloops).

If you live in these cities, and you want to hang out, let me know. (Please also drop me a line if you have a couch or floor I can crash on.)

See you soon!!


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