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Who wants to be an Everett Fellow?

cross posted to Jewschool.

Many of the writers here at Jewschool share something amazing in common: we were Everett Fellows. And you could be too!

Imagine late-night singing and philosophical discussions under the stars… engrossing Jewish learning … opportunities to participate in a variety of services, arts experiences, shabbat celebrations, and outdoor activities… the chance to meet a group of dynamic,
thoughtful, energetic Jewish young adults as well as community members of all ages at a weeklong institute. Sounds fantastic, right?

Apply to be an Everett Fellow at this year’s National Havurah Summer Institute. As an Everett Fellow, you can enjoy the institute for a fraction of the actual cost and benefit from a built-in community of other 20-something Jews.

The National Havurah Summer Institute 2008 will take place August 11th-17th at Franklin Pierce College in rural New Hampshire. Each participant selects two week-long courses on topics ranging from text study to ethics and social justice to arts and culture. In addition to the week-long classes, there are daily workshops and activities;
participants (even first-timers) are encouraged to design and teach a workshop, lead services, or otherwise take leadership roles. The community is egalitarian, diverse, and pluralistic.

Everett Fellows participate fully in the classes, workshops, and other activities at the Institute, plus they enjoy their own peer-led programming designed to help them form a community and support each other’s exploration of various Jewish issues. Fellows receive a scholarship for tuition, room, and board and only have to pay for registration and dues.

For more information, you can check out the National Havurah
Committee’s website at (click on “summer institute brochure available”). The application is due May 15th. If you have any questions, you can leave a comment, or email

Looking forward to seeing you at the Institute!

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