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I was recently asked why I’m here in New York. Why I wasn’t looking for Jew-y stuff in Canada. And, exaggerating to make my point, I said, “There are more Jews on the Upper West Side than in all of Canada!”

I thought I should actually do the math, see how greatly I exaggerated. According to the 2001 Census, there are 329,995 Jews in Canada. Based on the 2000 US Census, there are 318,640 Jews in Manhattan alone. My exaggeration wasn’t as hyperbolic as I’d hoped it was.

Other tidbits to file away… There are 1.6million Jews in NY, total of 5.28million in the US; 5.3million in Israel. The Jewish population of both the US and Israel is roughly the same at 40.3% and 40.6%, respectively, as a share of the world’s total Jewish population. (The Jewish population in the world is approximately 12-13million.)

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  1. Joe Mason says:

    I don’t follow that last number – 5.28million isn’t anywhere near 40.3% percent of the US population. Did you mean 1.6million is 40.3% of the population of NY? Cause that sounds low too.

  2. feygele says:

    Thanks for catching that, Joe. I clearly forgot to add the rest of that stat. (40.3% of the world’s Jewish population.) And I got the 1.6million here.

  3. chana83 says:

    the total world Jewish population generally hovers around 3% of the total population and less. :(

  4. feygele says:

    Chana83 – 3% of the world’s population is a gross overestimation. Even the most ambitious estimates would equal less than 0.5%.

  5. Kassie says:

    This is interesting. I didn’t realize the US and Israeli pops were pretty much the same. I always assumed there were way more Jews in the States than in Israel.

    (I was pointed to your blog by my friend Julia, because I am also a queer Canadian Jew.)

  6. feygele says:

    Until recently, that was the stat Kassie. It’s only in the last couple years that Israel has surpassed the US.

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