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Kefiyah for ME?!

It may bear my name, but it certainly isn’t for me.

On Jewschool, Diaspora Mentality reports:

This is somewhat old news but it provides a new way to beat a dead scarf, so why not.

Kaffiyeh FeygeleA few days ago I spotted a young German man on the Berlin subway wearing a Kaffiyeh Yisraelit. I mentioned this to a German friend. My friend did a quick google search and turned up this gem: The Kaffiyeh Feygele. It seems a gay or two on the “anti-German” left has now appropriated Rachel Ray’s favorite scarf.

In the place of the classic Levantine pattern, the Kaffiyeh Feygele has hearts, butt plugs, condoms and hammers and sickles. Also, it has stars of David in the corners. This is an article in the German paper Taz on the phenomenon.

Note the Pfizer brand viagra pills in the motif as well. Amazing.

According to the Crisco Connection website (the creators of this), the first run is a limited edition of 100. Quick, uh, hurry and get yours… today?


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  1. Tovah says:

    So, we’re walking down the street in Teaneck a month or two ago and my girl is with me and we run into an old friend of hers. Somehow the conversation turns to how his mom collects scarves and she showed him this beautiful new scarf of hers and it had a condom and buttplug and viagra motif! We thought he was pulling our legs. But he said that his mom had NO CLUE that it was anything but a nice design – She never looked close enough at it to see what the design actually was. She was wearing it and everything! He didn’t mention it was a keffiyeh, though… Anyway, we’ve both been imagining what such a scarf would look like – and, well… now I know!

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