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Heinz et les homos

Les Anglais ne sont pas prêts à voir deux hommes s’embrasser à la télévision. Du moins, pas dans une pub de mayonnaise. La compagnie Heinz l’a appris à ses dépens cette semaine. Devant le tollé suscité par sa publicité pour sa Deli Mayo, elle a dû la retirer des ondes après seulement une semaine de diffusion.

Dominic Arpin asked his readers if he thought the same controversy would arise in Canada. I don’t think it would.

395 comments on YouTube later, the only conclusion is that the majority of commenters enjoyed it, a smaller (but angry, loud, and insulting) minority didn’t like it. Except those who liked it said why (funny, thoughtful, different, etc.), while those who didn’t just went on about the “gay mafia,” the homosexual lifestyle as a disease, and media’s attacks on Christianity. And only a few people actually got the point: “Yeah it’s not supposed to be about gay people anyways, it’s about having NY Deli at your own house with the new mayos.”

[Merci a Faguy]

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