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Politics on both sides of the border.

Work is crazy. I’m in the midst of moving (some stuff’s on the UWS, some’s in Riverdale, some’s in Montreal). I’m arguing with US governmental agencies so I can get paid, open a bank account, and receive my health benefits. But I still have time for politics (I always have time for politics).

What Would You Do With 300k is a new blog. Suggest how $300,000 should have been spent (hint: Cindy McCain’s outfit for the RNC is not the answer).

The Canadian election has been called for October 14th. Early polls show the Tories taking a majority government. Please vote responsibly in your riding for the party that’s most likely to beat the Tories. (I’ll be investigating my riding to see whether a vote for the NDP or Whigs will go the furthest.)

Please register to vote. In Canada, you can go to Elections Canada to register to vote early, on October 14th, or by mail. In the US you can register via Rock the Vote (or you can swing by my work where we have registration cards).

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  1. Joe Mason says:

    Polls don’t actually suggest a Conservative majority, they suggest pretty much the status quo. The “conventional wisdom” is that a Canadian party with 40% support will get a majority, and the article gives Harper 39% support, but that’s the conventional wisdom from the traditional Liberal/Conservative parties who had cross-country support. The new Conservative party’s support is still clustered mainly in Alberta, so that 40% doesn’t actually translate into many more seats, it just means they win their safe seats by even bigger landslides.

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