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F#ck Yeah!

I’d like to add a word (or several) to Shamir’s prayer for voting post.

There are a couple prayers that I always skip during services. I have various reasons for my minhag, but on Saturday? I said the “prayer for [y]our nation” for the first time. I felt it was really important to add my voice to the prayer.

I was especially moved by someone sitting nearby who enthusiastically stressed a few of the phrases; were it not Shabbos, I would have raced home and written down what he emphasized. Alas, two days later, I have forgotten.

But! I would like to share how the prayer was ended. As the congregation said “amen” in unison, this individual said “fuck yeah!!”

It was great.

May we all have a “fuck yeah” moment tomorrow night as the results come in.

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