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Crash: update

Following up:

Thanks for all of the emails. It really means a lot to me.

Monday morningI’m still resting at home. While the swelling has gone down on my head (I no longer have a big bump where a uni-brow would be), and around my eye (it’s now a lovely purple, and the swelling is only barely impeding my vision now), the rest of my body has taken over. My neck, shoulders, right arm, and right leg are amazing sore. It was hurting me to readjust my position on the couch last night, so today I’ve tried to stay still in bed. I’m a little bored; movie watching is good, reading gives me a headache, Scrabble on Facebook rocks (feel free to challenge me to a game). And I’m possibly feverish, as my body has been fluctuating between cold with shivers and hot with sweats. But I still feel quite thankful that this is as bad as it is; for a car accident, I got off easy.Monday evening

On the other end of the story, I can update you too: I went to the precinct yesterday and gave a statement. The driver of the other taxi was arrested, and I should know in a day or two what’s happening with the charges. But from what the police said, he’s “given himself serious problems” by not only causing the accident, but leaving the scene, and leaving the scene with a passenger in his cab.

Next step? Once I’m able to walk around again, I need to get new glasses since mine were ruined in the accident. And try to sleep…


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