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Nobody puts Baby in the corner!

For those of you who know me well, or who’ve read this blog long enough, you’ll know that I really enjoy “Dirty Dancing.” As if watching the movie wasn’t enough, I sang along to the soundtrack as I drove to the Kellerman’s-esque Kutsher’s in the Catskills. I know better than to ever put Baby in a corner; I know never to trust elderly Jewish card players; and I know that carrying a watermelon is not only a way to get into an otherwise inaccessible party, but it’s also a great way to get the guy you’re crushing on to notice you.

So when I saw a video from the wedding of Julia and James, neither of whom I know, I couldn’t help but smile, giggle, and love every moment of it. They recreated the famous last dance scene of Dirty Dancing, and used it as their “first dance” at their wedding party.


And, yes, I now have a new “Dirty Dancing” tag.


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It’s almost time for 2007’s Limmud NY! A long weekend of learning, singing, shmoozing, catching up with friends, yogaing (but, not for me), and learning some more. The workshops look great, the presenters are eclectic and diverse, and I’m exited for all of the different choices.

I’m not familiar with the venue – Friar Tuck’s – but I was okay with it until I watched a certain sitcom last night that stole scenes/stories from Dirty Dancing [watch clip on youtube]. Which made me want to go to Kellerman’s, in the Catskills, which made me think of Kutsher’s. And, well, Friar Tuck’s just doesn’t sound like it will have the same Baby-in-the-corner possibilities. So, and this is a warning to one_in_progress, I might need to listen to the Dirty Dancing soundtrack in the car on Friday morning. Maybe.

According to the staff at Limmud NY, we’re the only two coming from Montreal. But is anyone else reading this going too??

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