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On the Homestead

So maybe it’s the warm weather, maybe it’s the lack of feline friend, or maybe it’s my body’s lack of timezone compliance. Whatever the reason, I’ve been super busy in the apartment.

I’ve finally donated away all of the clothing that no longer fits me. I had been holding onto it, to wear once I’ve lost weight. But I’ve decided that I’ll deserve a shopping trip as reward for taking that weight off. And then, once I’d cleaned out the closets and shelves, I moved onto the rest of my pad.

Sadly, this included cleaning up the litter box, toys, and food bowls. (If anyone wants/needs bowls for their pets (plastic or ceramic), please let me know. Likewise, I have a somewhat used snail-shaped scratching post and random cat and dog toys. Let me know if you can use any of them, otherwise they’ll be donated to the SPCA later this week.)

I talked on the phone with my parents today, and they put me on speaker phone so that I could talk with Moishe Pumpkin. I made his “call” (a specific whistle, followed by a clicking noise) – when I make that call, he comes to my side, or will follow me around. So in Seattle, I would make that call and he would follow me downstairs, or would hop onto the bed to sleep next to me. Anyway, I made the call over the phone, and he started looking around for me. Deb held the phone down and I called Moishe Pumpkin again; Deb reported that he came up to the phone, nudged it then started licking it. Aww… I miss the li’l bugger. (Oh, and he’s totally better and healthy again. He’s roaming around the house, stalking Thomas and Pumpkin, playing with Thomas and Pumpkin, eating, and being a cute brat again. The vet will still run tests on his stool to see what caused the obstruction in the first place, but for the meantime, he’s better.)

Finally, for those of you who aren’t in Montreal, aren’t experiencing the weirdness first hand somewhere on the east coast, you’re missing out on some oddly mild winter weather. Today it was 12ºC! I went for a nice afternoon walk – wearing shorts! Shorts, in Montreal, in January? Madness!


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Moishe's Update

He’s at the vet’s, with a high fever. The puking and other sickness is due to an obstruction, which the vet thinks is in Moishe Pumpkin’s bowel. They’re trying laxatives, but if that fails he’ll need surgery tomorrow.

But that doesn’t explain the respiratory problems. They think he might also have a virus, so he’s being closely observed (as if obstruction + fever didn’t warrant enough observation) for the next 24 hours. He’s staying at the veterinary hospital until further notice.

ACK. My baby! I feel so helpless being away from him. I want to be cuddling him, tickling behind his ears, and promising him many frolics in the bathtub if he’s a good kitty and gets better ASAP. I’m really glad I didn’t fly with him today… Poor li’l guy!

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Moishe Pumpkin

The update to last night’s post is that Moishe and Thomas, the alpha male, ended the trip by being playful and friendly. Pumpkin (my parent’s Pumpkin) and my Moishe Pumpkin also became friends when their Pumpkin taught my Pumpkin how to play her favourite hide-and-seek game.

So for a brief moment I thought I might leave Moishe Pumpkin there – he was settled, happy, and wouldn’t be subjected to the long flight back to Montreal and then another long flight back to Seattle in the spring. But I quickly shook that thought as I realised I’d miss him far too much.

Then, last night around 2am, he got sick. Throwing up (which he’s only once done before) was the least of his problems. Really, really sick. I stayed up with him all night, trying to soothe him (and clean up the carpet), but he just wasn’t happy. Around 5:30am, Deb did reiki on him to calm him for flying, and we decided he’d be good enough to fly. I didn’t give him his sedating medications though, as I didn’t want to risk making him any sicker.

Then, in the limo out to the airport, his breathing became laboured. Deb continued reiki on him (it was her company limo service, she was flying to California for business), but, though it calmed him, he wasn’t getting any better.

Deb decided to change her flight to tonight or tomorrow morning, dropped me at the airport, and turned around to go back home. She’s taking him to the veterinary hospital.

I’m really sad about this – I already miss the little brat. And I’m worried about him, but I know her vet is amazing, as I’ve seen how he’s treated Molly (their third cat). It’s going to be weird going back to a cat-free apartment :(

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Jews and Catholics

Friday night was “Catholic Shabbat”, an inter-faith shabbat that we at Kolot Rabbim planned with the Newman Centre. We had 41 people smooshed into the living room shul, including an Anglican canon law professor, an awaiting ordination Orthodox rabbi, the Jewish and Catholic students, a reporter, a representative from the National Committee for Jewish Campus Life, and a Catholic pastor. We didn’t do our regular service, since we wanted the non-Jews to be able to follow along and even participate; we had a lot of English in the service, made explanations both before and during the service, and offered transliteration for some of the songs and prayers. (We also held up signs that said “amen – אמן” and “barukh atah adonai – ברוך אתה אדני” each time those words appeared in the prayers/songs so they could join in.)

After the service, which ended with one of the Catholic students saying a prayer, we had dinner. The Catholics said grace, then we said the kiddush (wine), washed out hands, and said the hamotzi (bread). And we all ate. Everyone was mingling, asking for clarification on what they saw in the service, or asking about comparisons to Catholicism. Excellent.

Then, instead of a dvar torah, the pastor from the Newman Centre gave a talk. Only he was having a really hard time getting his words out, and his eyes were tearing up. He talked about how Catholics have wronged the Jews for so long, and how it’s inexcusable. He said that official Catholic doctrine states that in order to fully follow Catholicism properly, Catholics must understand Judaism. (This was related to Catholicism’s belief that a covenant with G-d lasts forever; and since G-d made covenants with the Jews, they must acknowledged and appreciated.) He then talked of the “hopes” he has for the future, comparing similarities between the two religions. From wear I was standing during his talk, I could see that everyone in the room (about 30 people by this point), had tears in their eyes or were silently crying. It was amazingly intense and powerful.

The evening ended with a tish: singing, drinking, shmoozing.

I’m hoping to plan more interfaith Shabbats like this one – it was a really amazing experience for all involved.

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Go Moishe!

Pumpkin just ripped open my bag of bagels (St-Viateur, of course), and ran off with one in his mouth.

He is so my cat.

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Moishe's First Pesach

How do people de-chometz-ify their homes when they have pets?

I mean, I know I *could* feed Moishe expensive wet food or straight up tuna for the duration of Pesach, but I can’t really afford it. And I have a perfectly fine, albeit chometz-iful, 7 kilo bag of dry food.

(Not that he doesn’t deserve good food, afterall – the sweet kitten hasn’t woken me up to play at 5am for three days in a row (good kitty!).)

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