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There was a time in my life when I wrote daily. A combination of journaling and prose, sometimes poetry, it helped me connect the everyday to the journey. I haven’t been regularly using this space; I guess that after more than a decade of blogging, there’s only so much left to say publicly. But I will be returning to daily writing… And we’ll see what of it shows up here (and/or on Jewschool).


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I recently made the decision to leave Livejournal. Basically, I don’t trust the new Russian company, I don’t agree with their censorship policies or attitudes towards various groups (such as clamping down on queer communities), and the new advertisement practice is insulting. A one-day strike may not send a message, but losing clients will.

I’m still working out a few snags, from importing my archive and setting up new categories, but hopefully this won’t be a bumpy transition, and we’ll all settle in just fine.

A note to those reading this as a Livejournal Syndication: Just a reminder to follow the links and comment on my new blog, not on the syndication, if you want me to read and/or respond to your comments. (You don’t need a new account to leave comments, and you can still leave comments under your LJ name if you want to retain a degree of anonymity.)

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